Dirtbags are a series of stuffed animals with real life problems.

Typical stuffed animals are soft, friendly, cuddly, characters found wrapped in children’s arms void of the violent nature of a real bear offering the illusion of comfort and safety in the dark of the night. Dirtbags offer no such comfort. They are honest. At times they are sad, and sick, and tired, just like us. The comfort they offer is the mutual comfort of empathy, understanding, and relatability. A reminder, that we are not alone as we face various difficulties in life, and none of us are ALWAYS perfect.

Their fur is rough (but still soft), their heads are square (but not sharp), and they are packaged in the comfort of a tight transparent bag, and marked with a friendly tag on their toe.

VOO-DOO-BEAR is a cursed teddy-bear with low self esteem.

HMO-RABBIT is an unlucky rabbit who is always sick due to his terrible health insurance plan.

DONT-SLEEP-SHEEP is an ex-counting sheep who suffers from insomnia.